About Me!

Finding the Fun and Heart in Every Story

Films, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and any form of media has both. We crave to have a meaningful takeaway and to enjoy the experience of gaining that lesson.

My goal as a filmmaker has always been to spread joy first and foremost, and I strive to do that by creating engaging entertainment of all kinds; the type that makes viewers happy to have spent their time listening to what my work has to say. 

So, How Did I Get Here?

In sixth grade, I had to present a career I was interested in. I chose 'movie director', and my passion for film hasn't deterred since. I made countless camcorder movies as a child, and even filmed a regular series, Livin' It Up, with my brother and friend that was based on classic sitcoms. 

All through middle and high school, I made videos as final projects whenever possible, which only further fueled my need to create. This eventually ended with me attending Wright State University and graduating Summa Cum Laude with Departmental Honors in Motion Picture Production. 

Ever since graduating, I have been working freelance in a plethora of different projects. I've been directing commercials, promos, educational content, social media-based content, dance videos, music videos, short films, and more! I work as a cinematographer, a 1st AD, any member of the crew of a film, and even a run-and-gun one-man production. 

I feel that I have something unique I can bring to any project, so let's talk about what you have coming up! Click below and we'll get the conversation started!